Matthijs Munnik

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(2015, in collaboration with Joris Strijbos)

In this collaborative installation and performance, Joris Strijbos and Matthijs Munnik build synesthetic landscapes out of noise, drones, generative video and stroboscopic light.

As screens light up in stroboscopic colours, interference of light in the eye induces psychedelic imagery. Patterns are revealed that exist only as hallucinations. These virtual percepts melt together with projected generative visuals, diffusing, interfering, melting into complex hybrid imagery that exists seperate from the screen.

A loud generative soundscape washes over the audience. Noisy patches assemble into acid rhytms, massaging low frequencies and screeching noise fill the room. As the installation relentlessly superstimulates the audiovisual senses, the visitor is suprised to find here a place for tranquil reflection.

U-AV #2, at Sonic Acts, Amsterdam
U-AV live, at 25yearsArtScience in Paradiso, Amsterdam (Photo Ed Jansen)

Special Thanks:

Sonic Acts, Shape Network, Stimuleringsfonds