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The kaleidoscopic light work Neolastoscope resulted from research into the history of the color organ. This instrument was developed in the late 19th century fueled, by the dream of making visual music: flowing modulations of light, shapes and colours. The color organ’s heyday was in the 1920s when Bauhaus acolyte Ludwig Hirschfeld-Mack composed his Farbenlichtspiele and Thomas Wilfred built the Clavilux.

Neolastoscope is a contemporary follow-up to those early forms of light art. Inside the projector, a combination of transparent plastic templates and polarization filters doubly fracture light, creating a hypnotic universe.

Neolastoscope, at Rijksakademie OPEN (Photo by GJ.van Rooij)
Neolastoscope, detail
Neolastoscope, at Rijksakademie OPEN (Photo by GJ.van Rooij)

Special Thanks:

NCSB, Waag Society, BAD Award, Prix Cube